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forget me not
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Welcome to Friends & Flowers

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Yellow roses, in the Language of Flowers, represent friendship and joy, and so they feel like the perfect way to welcome you to this friends-only area of my website.

Here you will find links to giveaways and exclusive news from behind the scenes, and suggestions of what you would like to see here are always welcome too.  I’ll be sharing lines from my work-in-progress and offering an opportunity later on to suggest a name for a character in Book 5.

I’ll also be using this page to keep you up to date as I move from a hopeful writer to a published author; drop me a line if you have any questions about my writing life.

If you’d like to read a short prequel to my first book, The Cottage of New Beginnings, which will be published by Canelo as an eBook on 3rd September 2020, then please do download the link and have a read.  This is a first opportunity to meet Annie, who is leaving behind one life to begin another in a place she once thought of as home.  I hope you enjoy it, and please get in touch to let me know what you think.

All the best, happy reading.

Suzanne x

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Friends & Flowers”

  1. Susan Martlew

    Hi Suzanne.
    Just finished reading The Cottage of New Beginnings. I loved it! Why have I only just found you? Please say there will be a follow up. Loved the story and all the characters but need to find out more. I want to know about Sam’s baby! So looking forward to reading your other books. Keep up the good work. Susan x

    1. Hi Susan
      Thank you for getting in touch, I’m so pleased you enjoyed Annie and Jon’s story! Although each of the Thorndale books is a standalone, some of the characters do return. You can find out a little more about Annie, Jon, Sam and Charlie as the series progresses, including Sam’s baby!
      Thank you for your interest and encouragement, it’s much appreciated. I hope you enjoy reading the others.
      Suzanne x

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