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forget me not
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Life as I See It … With Jon Beresford

Yorkshire Lads and Lasses
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Life as I See It … with Jon Beresford, MD of Kilnbeck Youth Centre and fell rescue volunteer

Hi Jon, thanks so much for taking part in Life as I See It. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences as a volunteer and find out more about Kilnbeck.
“Thanks for having me. There’s usually a lot of mud involved in both!”
Okay, maybe keep that to yourself! What’s the best thing you’ve got going on in your life at the moment?
“Apart from my job and volunteering, meeting someone who I think is very special.”
That sounds intriguing! If you were allowed to find out everyone who was secretly in love with you at some point in their life, would you want to know?
“Definitely not!”
Fair enough! Next question. In ten years’ time, will you be proud of what you are doing now?
“Absolutely. Kilnbeck hasn’t been open very long but we’re already making a difference in the lives of the young people who stay with us and I want to see them continue to flourish in the future. And I love being part of the fell rescue team, I hope I’ll be with them for a long time yet.”
Kilnbeck sounds like a great legacy. Okay then, what does your inner voice tell you?
“Get more sleep.”
I think most of us can identify with that one! What are your strongest beliefs about?
‘I’d have to say my Christian faith.”
What is important on your to-do list but not urgent?
“I wish I were organised enough to have a list! Probably make some calls.”
Everyone seems to message more and speak less now. What have you done recently that made you feel great?
“Spent time with someone I want to see more of.”
Oh, we like that sound of that! This must be the special person you were referring to earlier. Care to share their name?
“No! Does that count as another question?”
Of course not, we’re only on question eight. What keeps you awake at night?
“My pager.”
We can just imagine the din! Whom are you trying to avoid being like?
“Everyone else. I’m just me, flaws and all.”
We like it. So, we all have our vices. What’s yours?
“Impatience. Trying to get on to the next thing.”
Name something that you would really hate to lose.
“My faith. It’s been a part of who I am for a long time now.”
Could you achieve more by doing just half as much?
“I don’t think so. We do a lot of training in the fell rescue and wouldn’t ever cut corners, so every minute we spend learning or on a rescue is so important. I could maybe schedule less meetings.”
What’s something that no one knows about you?
“I’m really bad at air guitar but I only do it when I’m alone, for obvious reasons!’
That’s so cute, Jon! What thoughts come to mind when you are relaxed?
“Happy ones. Sometimes I think I should be doing more.”
What do you need help with most often?
“Time management.”
Is there anything missing in your life?
“I’d love to be a dad, so it would be children.”
Ah, that’s lovely. You’re well known around Thorndale and your community. But what do you want to be remembered for?
“Someone who got stuck in.”
Who do you admire in your life?
“Anyone prepared to make a difference. But the fell rescue volunteers are right up there, putting themselves at risk for people who desperately need specialist help. And my dad because he doesn’t let difficult circumstances hold him back. He’s one of the most energetic and fun people I know.”
If you were offered the chance to feel happy all of the time, would you take it?
“No, even if that does sound crazy. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and use as a platform to encourage others. I wouldn’t change any of my experiences, however I felt at the time.”
Do you believe that love has to be mutual?
“For sure, if you’re talking about couples.”
If you could only choose Kilnbeck or volunteering with the fell rescue, which one would it be?
“I hope I never have to. But if I did, I’d choose Kilnbeck, because although I love volunteering with the fell rescue, there would probably be someone else to take my place. Kilnbeck relies on an amazing team of people and whilst I know they could do it without me, I feel part of something that I can see makes a difference.”
America, Kenya or the UK. You’ve lived in all three. Which do you prefer?
‘I don’t think I can pick just one, they’re so different. The US was where I spent most of my childhood, so a lot of memories were made there. But Kenya and its people are unforgettable, and I have great friends who I don’t really speak to enough. I was born in the UK and although I haven’t lived here that long, I definitely see it as home now.”
What are you still learning about yourself?
“That I could do better. And that I have to work harder to stay fit as I get older.”
If you could ask God questions, what would you want to know?
“That’s a good one. Why don’t we love each other more, I guess? Work together more.”
If the most challenging thing to ever happen to you happened again, would you handle it differently?
“I’d say yes, because when my dad had his accident there were some things I should have done sooner, like taking care of the business for him.”
When you look at the world, what is most fascinating to you?
“How similar we all really are.”
When do you underestimate yourself?
“Not often enough.”
Is it best to judge people by their intentions or their actions?
“I’d say don’t judge.”
Where do you feel the most like yourself?
“At home in Thorndale, somewhere I didn’t always live but always felt I belonged.”
And finally, what are you most excited to do in your lifetime?
“Have a family hopefully. And continue the work I’ve started.”

Thanks Jon, for telling us about life as you see it. You can catch up with Kilnbeck and the fell rescue association through the usual social media channels. We recommend Instagram, give them a follow and see just how brilliant they all are.
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