forget me not
suzanne snow
forget me not
suzanne snow, romantic fiction author

A Summer of Second Chances

Welcome to the opening of A Summer of Second Chances …

Daisy Lancaster didn’t especially enjoy being an accountant in the summer, a profession that should have been at odds with her merry nature and bohemian style. She didn’t mind her job so much in winter, living in the Yorkshire Dales where the weather could be grim and the light always changeable. Then she went about her business much as usual whilst only the hardiest of visitors ventured near in those long, darker days when some cafes closed their doors and hotels reduced their rates.

But today, driving back to her office on a flawless late July afternoon when freedom seemed to be beckoning in every dappled shadow and the sun burning high above the hills, she was battling the desire to abandon work for the day and go home. Routine and dedication were her usual defaults and she tried to push the guilt away, focusing instead on the meeting she had just left, pleased with the new addition to her client list, another family farm to whom she had been recommended.

She had never meant to become an accountant, a career her younger self would have dismissed with ease. Her instinctive eye for colour and style was a gift she had always believed would lead to a career in design until the end of her second year at college, when everything had altered and her life had swerved into a direction she had not anticipated.

Working on Daisy and Ben’s story has been a real pleasure, and they feel like old friends now. They have some really fun experiences in the book and I loved visiting the places they did and working out how to develop their time together. I hope you’ve enjoyed this early glimpse into the opening chapter before the book arrives on 10th June.

Suzanne x

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